Peace in the Pieces Disassembled: Deconstructing Hannibal, part IV

Waiting for a TARDIS that never comes.

IV. The Sessions

i. A Dull Ache

“Being alone comes with a dull ache, doesn’t it?” , asks Franklyn in one of his sessions with Dr. Lecter. Hannibal replies with a simple “It can”. He will later comment further on the subject, when he tries to persuade Will that he is a killer. “At a time when other men fear their isolation, yours has become understandable to you. You are alone because you are unique.”

Loneliness is a key theme in “Hannibal”, one that runs throughout the series. In the third part of this analysis we touched the subject of loneliness, by means of a discussion on introversion, social exclusion, and the psychiatric term “folie à deux”,  defined by Hannibal as one’s need to share one’s madness with another person, in order to feel socially included and, therefore, sane.

In “Hannibal” loneliness is always painful. It is painful for Franklyn, the dumb…

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