Peace in the Pieces Disassembled: Deconstructing Hannibal, part III

Waiting for a TARDIS that never comes.

III. Folie à deux

In the first part of this deconstruction (I. When Hannibal Fed Will’s dogs) I promised to write a few things on Hannibal’s true motives. For this part of the analysis it is crucial that we all concur that Hannibal is a very intelligent, multilayered, complex character.  Hannibal’s motives must never be too apparent. He should always be a  riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, inside an enigma. Otherwise, he will become ordinary;  even worse, he will become boring.
The audience should never relate. Hannibal must always feel  alien to us.  There is a supernatural element in the series  that is exaggerated the closer Will gets to Hannibal. In the finale of the fist season, when Will finally “sees” Hannibal, the supernatural element reaches its peak: Will’s hallucinations turn Hannibal into a Wendigo.


The bullroarer‘s (i.e. a ritual musical instrument used in the Dionysian…

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