Peace in the Pieces Disassembled : Deconstructing Hannibal, part I

Waiting for a TARDIS that never comes.

Now that I have watched Relevés and I have most of the pieces -or at least the corners- of this amazing puzzle, this totem pole of beauty and horror and awesome that Bryan Fuller created, I can finally start writing about it. The current post is the first part in a series of posts that I intend to write on “Hannibal”. These posts will rely heavily on the psychological, and, more specifically, the psychoanalytical perspective; not only because it is an important aspect of the show, but also because I feel that Bryan Fuller wants to comment on such issues as mental illness, neurosis, psychopathy, psychotherapy, social inclusion/exclusion, transference/countertransference, folie à deux, fears, phobias, mind vs body, nature vs nurture and so on. But, don’t you fret, dear reader, for I am no expert on psychoanalysis; the posts will be written in layman’s terms; simple definitions of psychological and…

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